Get Noticed contest and me.


I am taking part in competition called “Get Noticed”. What is it? How does it work? What is this blog about? And finally, who am I?
I am going to answer these question in this post.

Get Noticed.

Get Noticed is a competition established by the Polish blogger Maciej Aniserowicz.
First edition took place in 2010. Because of some circumstances second edition started 6 years later, on May 2016. That was a huge success for organizer and also for over 400 participants. Actual edition – third – gathered about 1000 people.

This contest has two main rules – you have to write two blog posts a week and create software project. It is great opportunity for people who want to create their own blog, but doesn’t know how to start and for those who own blog and want to reach more readers – to get noticed.

Get Noticed and me.

I am a software developer working with SharePoint platform.
It means that I work with C# (not as often as I want) and frontend technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I try to do everything to enjoy my work. It is not always easy, but I don’t want to allow a situation where I wake up on Monday morning and start thinking: “Damn, I have to go to work, I would rather stay at home”.

I highly enjoy meeting people, who love what they are doing and talk with passion. It gives me a lot of positive energy. That is why I like going to conferences and meetups.

Decision about taking part in Get Noticed competition was easy.
Maciek Aniserowicz told on his Snapchat storyline that he is going to make third edition and I knew I have to take part.
But as the start of the competition draw nearer I started to doubt.
What can I show others? Who would read my posts? And what if I make a mistake and humiliate myself?

Well, I still haven’t good answers for all of these questions.
But I believe that if you are doing your best to serve valuable content to your readers, you don’t have to be afraid about the results. So what kind of value I want to give you?


Every week I will post information related with project.
For example I will write about modeling architecture, tests, some useful libraries used in my project, process of delivering software etc. I want to make this content as much valuable as it could be, so I will try to consult them with people more experienced than me.

As I mentioned I like going to conferences, so you will find here also reports from these events containing only the most valuable hints.

Because I am at the beginning of my career I would write something about looking after first job,
job interview, generally how to start in the IT industry.
These articles will be useful not only for inexperienced. I will write how more experienced colleagues helped me become who I am, and how you could help new ones to spread their wings.

There will be also a place for less technician topics like efficiency, sustainable self-development or reaching goals.
At the beginning I mentioned about two main rules of Get Noticed competition – blogging and working on some open source project.
More about project you will find in next post, right now I can only tell, that this project could be also helpful for you.


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